She Speaks

The most nerve wrecking moments of my childhood and teenage years were being called into my parents room to be on the receiving end of tongue lashings that felt as though I had copper coil wrapping around my neck. When depression hit me, when I lived in fear of speaking my mind, when I gave into people’s beliefs of who I was, I turned to writing, which I will always credit with saving my life. I wrote stories about teenage girls who were nothing like me: brave without their families; I wrote about magic, and friendship, and how the world could be a place where young women blossomed instead of wilting away like I nearly had. As I got older, I started to write about women who were similar to me as a teenager: broken, unsure of their worth, and paralyzed by the thought that they could better until some stranger came and showed them a different path.

My name is Ash Barker. I was born and raised until I was eight in Georgetown, Guyana. I tell stories about women.

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